Litløy Lighthouse

Come and live like a lighthouse keeper – alone on a unique island out in the ocean

Litløya was once part of a community out at sea, at a time when the fishermen had to row out to the fishing grounds. But when their boats had been furnished with engines, and electricity and running water tempted them to the mainland , the inhabitants moved from the island. Today, the lighthouse and the lighthouse keeper’s dwelling are all that is left. And the lighthouse nymph is the only remaining inhabitant. She welcomes guests all year round. You can come here and explore nature, and yourself. Charge your batteries and be inspired. As a visiting lighthouse keeper you will have rooms with simple beds and a magnificent view of the sea and the mountains of the Lofoten Islands. You help prepare meals, either by fetching vegetables from our own crop, fishing, or setting the table. Afterwards you can relax in the library, stretch out in the quiet room, or explore the island. In the summertime we use an outside lavatory and bathe in the sea – but we do also have a little backup for those who don’t fancy the idea.

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