Holmvik Brygge Wharf

In the heart of the old fishing village of Nyksund

Stay in a living museum that reminds us of how the fishermen lived over a hundred years ago. History colours the entire atmosphere. A number of shared rooms, like the living room and cosy kitchen, are places for socialising and meeting interesting people. Holmvik Brygge rents out 2-4 berth rooms and small bedsits. Your hosts, Jasmin and Ssemjon are people who care and are genuine enthusiasts when it comes to looking after the community’s identity. Nyksund and Holmvik Brygge are well worth a visit all year round. In the autumn you can enjoy long mountain walks, and pick mushrooms or berries. In the winter, guests come here to enjoy the crisp, cold nights, star-studded heavens and flickering northern lights. Spring is the time for ice fishing, wildlife watching and outings in the snow-clad surroundings. Get enthused about the beautiful countryside, whatever the season. In our cosy, historical restaurant we serve local, traditional fare combined with delicacies from our own smokehouse.

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